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John Furrier
Live at shark tank ask us questions here
Deepak Seth
Any plans to leverage IoT to monitor concussions real-time in NFL?
Deepak Seth
each player is now equipped with a set of RFID sensors about the size of a quarter embedded in his shoulder pads
Deepak Seth
@furrierin in addition to using for "Next Gen Replay" it should be used to monitor impacts etc. too
John Furrier
Guests live tonight
David Tang, HGST
John Tortora, COO Sharks
Bill Schlough, CIO Giants
Michael King, Zebra Technology
Dave Kaval, President Earthquakes
Justin Bergh, Joe Novello, Kyle Moschetto, CrossFit
Jonathan Martinez, Oakland Raiders
John Furrier
Getting ready for Sports Data Silicon Valley https://www.facebook...
John Furrier
NFL will be measuring the balls in real time
#theCUBE, Michael King of Zebra Technology. Join us at #CUBEgems
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Brad Meyer
How much data is being collected in the NFL, MLB, NHL, etc. per game, per season? MBs? TB's, PBs? #SportsDataSV
Deepak Seth
Any plans to let live viewer feedback influence the proceedings of the game
Deepak Seth
Anybody there?