Hashtag room for #STANLEYCUP hockey. Come root your team on. Watch the video to see how. Let's Go!!
John Furrier
Second Period Commentary Here - Lets keep the comments in thread for each period
Jim Canto OK.. we're good. I've got my lucky hat on now.
CrowdFather Lets go Boston I want to see Rangers beat their asses
Don C @Crowdfather rangers bruins would be original 6 hockey...doesn't have the same feeling when you beat the "ducks" or the "wild".
Don C looch and thornton need to throw their weight around
Don C i'll say it again.....the refs are on the take.....for once I agree the announcers......
Jim Canto This could get ugly if the fans turn on the refs.
John Furrier Refs are calling this like the game is a throw away - Bull Sh*(t
Don C subban looking like louganis again...oh what no penalty for diving into the net!!!
John Furrier they can't be constantly digging out of a hole
Jim Canto And the chants begin...
CrowdFather I hear the chants bull shit bull shit
CrowdFather kill this penalty
Don C kill the refs
Don C marchand needs to bury those
Jim Canto This just may be one of those time where a good hard fight is in order. Hell.. we'll be in the penalty box anyways.
John Furrier @ofd1957 They are getting way to cute on the shots
Alec Furrier @ofd1957 Too many missed opportunities, we gotta step on the jugular and put these #habs to rest
John Furrier @AlecFurrier They need something to fire them up..
Jim Canto They have been for the last couple of games. Too cute
John Furrier great comment from Moral of Marchand "ice spray" penalty (unbelievably poor call): next time mow the goalie over, but good http://www.twitter.c...
@NHLonNBCSports: Moral of Marchand "ice spray" penalty (unbelievably poor call): next time mow the goalie over, but good #StanleyCup. #JMHO
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Quoted By @furrier
CrowdFather Price is on fire
Don C gionta looked marchand on that shot
John Furrier Canadiens only have 6 shots on goal. Price is the key to the game so far. Marchant should have taken him out instead of spraying.. just spraying
John Furrier @ofd1957 thanks for hanging with me - love the color - i'm flying blind literally on the plane
Don C time to turn cute into ugly.....
Jim Canto @ofd1957 Yehhhh'buddy. Start throwing some weight around.
John Furrier God please give me audio back...
Jim Canto Best announcers in the business.
Don C iginla is in the witness protection program...where is he?
Jim Canto @ofd1957 When he's out there... he's been hot! Been a play-maker. Great observation. Where is he?
Don C saw that puck luck
Jim Canto BRUTAL. Boston looks tired.
Crowd Captain @JimCanto I'm not sure what the deal is
John Furrier I'm getting depressed now
Jim Canto I wouldn't feel so bad if the Bruins looked solid. Bruins are misfiring all over the place.
John Furrier Need to get one before the period ends
Jim Canto THERE IT IS!!
Don C its about frickin time
Alec Furrier Chara with the great decision making assist
Don C nothing fancy.....just keep shooting!
Jim Canto @ofd1957 IGINLA... 'nuf said.
John Furrier Thats what I'm talking about..was it close to high stick?
Don C no high stick...just high fives
John Furrier love that music they play after the goal fans screaming
John Furrier @AlecFurrier they have to just play basic hard skating and hitting to make things happen
John Furrier @ofd1957 only ozzie played at the garden opps TD center
Don C you gotta be shittin me....frickin refs again changing the game and making up the rules
John Furrier unbelievable refs
John Furrier Tuukka Rask with three big-time saves
John Furrier this sums up the ref situation http://www.twitter.c...